Intermitência - Single

by Ziminino

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released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


International Black Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Pan-Afro Anarchist Pop

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Track Name: Intermitência
Era o mesmo sentido, era o mesmo medo distinto
(It was the same feeling, it was the same distinct fear)
Que noutras épocas me condenou
(That in other times, condemned me)
Ao intervalo breve, À leitura e a prece
(The brief interval, during reading and prayer)
Que só devemos dar, A quem merece
(That we should only give, to those who deserve)
Deixando o medo de andar sem cair
(Not being afraid to walk without falling)

Nem sei se já é tarde, mas aqui vou
(I don’t know if it’s late, but here I go)
Deixe que a maré vaze, acalmar o front
(Let the tide go out, and calm the front)
E o bem maior invade, sangue corre igual
(And the greater good invades, blood flows the same)
Atabaque no combate, separa o que é meu
(The drum at battle, separates what is mine)
Ziminino no combate
(Zimninino at battle)

Atabaque de Candomblé
(The drum of Candomblé)
Moog, sinth, rum pi le
(Moog, Synth, Rum Pi Le (types of drums))
Vish! Oxe! É grave, é?
(Woo, man. It’s heavy no?)
Funky beat, Saravá
(Funky beat, greetings)
Cash, cana, money, classe, flash, rango, fé
(Cash, cane, money, class, flash, rank, faith)
Chuva, faca, Kêto, Angola, preto, véi
(Rain, knife, Kêto, Angola, black, homie)
Intermitência, juro que não vi você partir
(Intermittence, I swear I won’t watch you leave)
Intermitência, a febre que incomoda meu dormir
(Intermittence, the fever that doesn’t let you sleep)